City managers, economic developers, neighborhood leaders, nonprofit professionals, and anyone in a professional position working to improve their communities wants to see their city succeed.

More than that, you want to see it thrive and continue to thrive, and that kind of success requires decisions and planning that encourage the kind of city development that creates value for everyone.

We can teach you how to build bridges, create partnerships, and create a vibrant, thriving environment for people to invest in your city with small-scale development, and provide your city with knowledgeable, capable, community-focused small-developers who want to take action.

The mission of the Incremental Development Alliance is to cultivate 1000 small developers and the cities that support them. We train over 1250 people every year to be able to take their desire to build stronger communities from a rough plan to a completed project, leaving our training able to start working on the places they love and want to see succeed.  

If you’re looking to mobilize your city towards a community-centered, value added approach towards development, contact us today.