Is the incremental development alliance for you? 

Can you commit yourself to a place you love that needs you?

Are you willing to take small steps to achieve long-term improvement in your neighborhood?

Do you have a desire to learn things that can be immediately put into action? 

Is your focus on building a stronger neighborhood, one project at a time? 

Are you willing to build things that give more than they take? 

If you can answer "yes" to those questions, and are willing to experience a training series that will teach you how to maximize opportunity for yourself, your projects, and the community you serve, then the Incremental Development Alliance is for you. 



Here are some specific examples of who we're designed to help: 

Potential Small Developers (also known as Operating Partners - the people doing the work)

  • Real Estate Development Professional (perhaps looking to do a side project) or Non-Profit Organization Developer

  • Real Estate Agent or Broker, Property Manager

  • Architect, Urban Designer, Engineers, Landscape Architect, Urban Planner, Attorney

  • Construction Contractor / Home Builder

  • Small Business Owner (In a related or unrelated industry to those above)

Potential Investment Partners (through Land Ownership, Financial Equity/Debt or both)

  • Local Community Banker or Loan Originators (For Profit or Non Profit)

  • Property owner of any size or type

  • Retired individuals from high net worth industry or position

  • Private equity, angel or local investment/wealth management professionals

  • Professionals from land banks, redevelopment agencies, housing trusts

  • Program Officer or Executives from local Foundations

Small Development Ecosystem Champions

  • City Management, City Planning, Housing, Community or Economic Development Professionals

  • Land Bank Professionals

  • Elected Officials and Aides to City Officials, Managers or Legislators

  • Planning Commissioners

  • Housing or Economic Development Professions in County, Regional or State Government/Agencies

  • Non-Profit Organization Professional

  • Main Street Director or Board Member

  • Neighborhood Leader/Volunteer/Professional

  • College, University or Medical Center Professional

  • Business Association, Chamber or Trade Group Leader



Ready to take the next step?