There's a Challenge In our cities and towns. 

Michigan is a state full of communities with real estate in need of development; there are countless buildings and properties - especially in walkable neighborhoods close to downtowns - simply waiting the chance to contribute to the community and create better, more beautiful places to live. 

But there aren't enough developers to do the work. It's a state full of people who love where they live enough to be willing to tackle small-scale development projects, but who need to be mentored by experienced developers in order to be successful. What we've seen across the country is what we see in Michigan - a desperate need for more people to trained in the kind of small-scale development gives more than it takes by providing value to the community.


In 2015, we founded the Incremental Development Alliance to provide the training, tools, and network people need to become small-scale developers. Within 18 months we were delivering 15 trainings across the US each year, and as of 2018, we have held events in 28 states and cultivated an alliance of developers that crosses cultural and economic divides.  Our team has grown to 22 people across 10 states who train over 1250 people per year and provide educational lectures to an additional 2000 aspiring developers.


Most importantly, our training creates change. Alumni are constructing new buildings and completing rehabs in neighborhoods that need them, and City governments are adapting their zoning as a result of our coaching. We don't want to just "run some classes" in Michigan - we want to give Michiganders the tools they need to improve the places they love. 

We're looking to train people who love Michigan and the cities they live in, because people love a place, they improve it in a way that makes it better. We believe in the power of pulling up our sleeves, working with our neighbors, and building something great.







Still wondering if Incremental Development is for you?