About the Training Events

We've developed an effective sequence of training that will give you the education, experience, and network you need to take on the challenge of being a small-scale developer. We deliver training to over 1000 people per year and provide educational lectures to an additional 2000 each year, holding events in 28 states since in 2015.

Our Michigan faculty is comprised of small developers who have seen it all and who are committed to helping people buy and build property in their neighborhoods. 



Recruitment Lecture

This is where you'll begin to learn about who we are, what we believe in, and how taking an incremental approach to small-scale development can benefit both you and the city you live in. 

We will also explain our one day workshops and two day boot camps, and begin giving you the tools to create positive and long-lasting change.

Head to our event page to see a list of upcoming lectures. 



one day workshop

Our one day workshops introduce the principles and implementation behind neighborhood based development projects. 

They offer specialized training about how to create small projects, like one to three story buildings with less than 20 units, which are residential, commercial or mixed-use. The course assumes you know a lot about where you live, but not necessarily much about the real estate process or building development. 

Through presentations on finance, design and site selection, a hands-on practice exercise, and networking with local like-minded people, this workshop is the first step to becoming a small developer yourself or creating a supportive ecosystem for small development in your city. 

For more information on our one day workshops, click here.



Two day advanced boot camp

The two-day Small Developer Boot camp applies the foundational training from the one-day Workshops to real projects. With lots of one-on-one time, the Boot Camp gives participants an opportunity to bring their actual development projects (ideally at the planning stage) in front of seasoned small developers. 

Participants work through exercises like building and refining their pro forma, creating an investor proposal package, and drawing out the zoning parameters for their lot. Participants can also practice pitching their project to the group and instructors in order to get feedback in a supportive environment. 

The Boot Camp is all about "hands-on and how-to".

For more information, click here. 



Implementation Clinic

Often, we are approached by nonprofit housing groups, economic development agencies, private sector trade groups, and other folks who work every day to improve their city. These groups often find themselves at an impasse where some sort of hurdle, conflict, or rule in the development ecosystem lies between them and their mission. 

Our Implementation Clinic is designed so that we can learn from their experiences and share our own. Drawing from a brain-trust that spans the country and decades of getting things done, IncDev provides coaching on the next, smallest step in the right direction.

The Clinic is a coaching and strategy session with 1-2 people from the IncDev Alliance who have relatable experience to your own. It is an opportunity to discuss the issues in your city, town, or neighborhood and get feedback from someone who can help you take the next step.

The Implementation Clinic is a starting point for local groups who would later like to pursue a larger 12-24 month project with the partnership of a local foundation.



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